About Us

Brian Lehaney

Brian is a Londoner, though he has lived in Gloucester for many years. Having left school at the age of 15, he worked in factories, served in the British Army, and eventually became a university professor. He has always been curious about how things work, starting with bicycles and moving on to cars. He brings this curiosity to art and craft, and in the past few years has taken an interest in book repair and restoration, and is especially interested in items from the Victorian era. Brian is now semi-retired, still doing some university teaching, and keeping his hand in with craft activities. In his spare time, he can tell you exactly how Tottenham Hotspur should play, and has often said so, whilst watching a match, eating a pizza and dozing off from time to time. 

Ryan Miessner

Ryan is Gloucestershire born and bred. He has always had an artistic side and for many years has produced a variety of handmade gifts for friends and family. Over the past couple of years of lockdowns Ryan discovered Bob Ross, and used his tutorials to help develop his artistic competencies further. During that time he developed a social media following for his products. He primarily works with acrylics and his style is a blend of contemporary and abstract. He creates many items that cannot be replicated, and the fact that these are one-offs is a major part of their appeal. He engages with various amateur art and craft groups, uploading test pieces to get objective feedback. Ryan is a fan of Gloucester Rugby and he goes to many of the matches to help spur on the team.